About me

Hello, I am Sophie Gendron, Senior User Experience & Service Designer: research, design, strategy.

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In 2014, I retrained as a UX professional and this is my journey prior to this.

  • After having finished my studies, I co-founded a music start-up. The result: I have an entrepreneurial mindset which helps me empahsize with business owners and help me understand the complexity of a company, small or large.
  • I then occupied different positions in Localisation: as a Translator, a QA Localisation Lead at Square Enix and later on, as a Project Manager for Unilever. These roles helped me appreciate the importance and the art of copywriting as well as collaborating and navigating with people based remotely all around the world.
  • I then occupied a role as Global Account Manager for Emirates and AbInbev which taught me the enviable art of Client Services.
  • Following my need to explore an underlying interest in fashion, I created an eponym label and sold my creations to prestigious outlets such as The Danish Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Ede & Ravenscroft, Fab.com, Not Just A Label and Boticca.com (now Wolf & Badger). This experience consolidated and resurrected my business acumen. I got once again exposed to the complexity of running a business: from the intricacy of a supply chain to the importance of psychology.
  • Whilst running my fashion business, I felt the need to develop and design an app to increase business opportunities, which lead me to UX Design.
  • Keywords: creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, resilient, collaborative, ever-evolving, adaptable, international.

    I enjoy and embrace every aspects of the profession. From the business needs' brief to the research phase, the ideation/innovation phase, to the strategy, planning, design, testing, implementation, QA, leadership and mentorship. Witnessing the life cycle of a product is fascinating. Seeing a well designed product is seeing all the amazing forces behind it, all these forces that came together, working towards a common goal. I relish being a Designer.

    In terms of skills set, please see the visual representation below.

    Skills Overview

    Below is a high-level breakdown of my way of working. After having received the brief, I adapt the techniques we use to best inform the design phase.

    1) Starting with the business proposition

    After having evaluated the business proposition and its future strategy, I draw some hypothesis, start planning user interviews, shadowing, writing scripts, recruiting users, organise user interviews and appointments.

    2) Insights, ideation & collaboration

    Gathering and clustering insights, ideating and collaborating helps us (my teams and I) form a solid base for the rest of the project.

    3) Designing, testing & iterating

    One of the most interesting phase, getting closer to users, seeing your prodcut taking shape, all very insightful and energising.

    4) Presenting

    I do enjoy presenting my ideas to stakeholders of small or large audiences.

    5) Innovating

    I sometimes experiment with innovation techniques and easy to use IoT hardware as exploratory exercises.

    6) The Medici Effect

    Never forgetting to explore further to become a better Designer.

    Thank you.

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