Digital Transformation: Automotive industry

Driving innovation by harvesting & surfacing data in an actionable way

Digital Transformation Case study 2/3, Reading time:5min
  • Leveraging existing data set to drive innovation
  • Pursuing a quest to offer best in class service
  • As a Lead UX on this project, I took part in workshops specifically developed to surface innovative ideas. Our brilliant team was made of strategists, business designers, data analysts and technical architects.
    As a UX Lead, I:
  • Participated in innovation-driven workshops with key stakeholders
  • Participated in mapping & shaping the experience
  • The solution is currently being developed.


    Below is a summary of the key elements that have helped with shaping the product offering.

    1) Innovation-driven workshops

    The Experience Directors as well as the strategists ran a series of workshops in order to narrow down a series of innovative concepts. I took part in a couple of them in order to bring a more customer centric approach to the innovation phase.

    2) Mapping the potential ecosystem

    We decided to map the potential ecosystem to help decide what could potentially form the MVP.

    3) Userflows and IA

    Having narrowed down the scope, we went into a more granular level and started mapping the potential user flow and IA.

    4) Service blueprint

    As the data set and the amount of information we had to decipher was relatively complex, we decided to map them against a service blueprint. Using this method also helped us to identify where we were adding value within the customer journey and highlighted gaps that coud potentially be explored further down the line.

    5) Sketches

    We ran a series of design studio in order to align our perception of the product and offering and sketched the potential features set. This was particularly useful as we were all working remotely.

    6) Wireframing

    After having narrowed down and agreed the scope for MVP, we started wireframing in order to run a series of user testing. The project continues.

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