Digital Transformation: Financial Services

Helping global and local banks with enabling customers to self-service

Digital Transformation Case study 1/3, Reading time:5min
  • Digitalising existing services in order to enable self-service
  • Elaborating a common vision for a group of 20 stakeholders
  • I supported the Associate Creative Director and the Lead Service Designer during the research and experience mapping phase.
    In terms of Digital Product & Service Design, I:
  • Helped organised workshops with stakeholders
  • Mapped the current physical experience
  • Developed low fidelity and medium fidelity experience maps
  • Presented insights to stakeholders
  • Tested & iterated concepts, fedback and presented findings to relevant parties
  • In terms of User Research, I:
  • Supported the writing of scripts used during user interviews in a lab, lead by a Senior UX Researcher
  • Attended the user interview sessions and was responsible for note taking
  • Helped gather and cluster insights
  • Used insights in order to explore design and business opportunities
  • Our client was able to successully launch the self-service digital service to users and is now live on their platform.


    Below is a summary of the key elements that have helped with developing the service.

    1) Experience Map

    Before developing the products and services related to this specific part of the business, we ran a series of workshops and user interviews. The observations, insights and opportunities were then mapped and captured on the Experience Map for our client to retain.

    2) Discovery

    One of the challenges of this project was to find a consensus amongst stakeholders. Every party had a significant level of expertise. By analysing the current service and by interviewing stakeholders, we became aware of the technical and legal restrictions which helped us shape the right solution.

    3) Solution

    After a series of workshops and presentation, we moved away from divergence to convergence and were able to understand how we could best serve everyone.

    Thank you.

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