E-commerce: Dove.com

Suppporting Dove in a quest for innovation

E-commerce Case study 1/3, Reading time:10min
  • Elaborate new concepts & strategy to increase customers acquisition & retention
  • Design UI for end-to-end users subscription flows
  • I was brought to the team to help design concepts that would help Dove.com invite people to sign up and subsequently, increase users retention. The first phase would consist in designing straight-forward user flows and accompanying UI so people could sign in. The secong phase consisted in designing an innovative strategy that would inspire people to come back to the site for personalised content.

    In terms of Digital Product Design, I:
  • Designed strategic userflows
  • Deigned low fidelity and medium fidelity wireframes
  • In terms of UX Strategy, I:
  • Designed personas based on our client' marketing personas
  • Used innovation techniques to map innovative concepts & strategy
  • Presented concepts to client
  • Our client was highly receptive with our innovative concepts. As a consequence, she was to present these concepts to the global Unilever team to decide on next steps an potential implementation.


    Below is a summary of the key elements that have helped with enhancing the product.

    1) Hypothetical persona

    Given the timeframe and given the popularity of the Dove brand, we used the existing marketing personas in order to extrapolate users profiles and extract user needs from them. The designed personas were therefore highly hypothetical but formed a solid base to develop a few innovative concepts that could then be tested and iterated with user feedback.

    2) Userflows for incentives and subscriptions

    In order to attract more users to the .com, one of the avenues we explored was to incentify people by offering them samples and coupons. In exchange for signing up, users would receive offers and samples and even invitations to castings. One other avenue was to empower brand advocates by giving them VIP access to the brand knowledge and products.

    3) Evolution of needs: content strategy

    This shows a visual representation of the concept: surface different and recommended products at the right time, letting Dove accompanying you throughout your evolution of needs. The strategy came to life from a key insights which was that, in the current array of products, not enough guidance was given, making choosing a product a potentially lenghty and unrewarding process. Therefore, the idea was that to guide people depending on: their age, lifestyle or physiological traits and also throughout life changing moments such as pregnancy or child birth for example. We all have different needs depending on were we are in life and Dove would make finding the right product easier by guiding people towards the right solution. In essence, the end product could be an evolutionary sophisticated diagnostic tool.

    4) Evolution of needs: product strategy

    The idea was to keep Dove.com refreshing. Each time a user would connect, new personalised content would be available. In this example, we decided to present a content strategy for hair products. The strategy was to surface different products according to a woman's evolution of needs over a defined period of time. For example, if you use a Dove product for dry hair, soon your hair will not be dry any more so if now you have normal hair, you can use a different shampoo. The strategy was to surface behind the scene Unilever expertise. In exchange to this expert knowledge, users would come back and connect more frequently.

    5) Data aggregation

    Once enough people would have subscribed to the site, tailored content could then be created and surfaced. Different touch points could be used in order to identify the most relevant content.

    6) High fidelity wireframes

    On these high fidelity wireframes, you can see examples of personalised content.

    7) Innovation sketches

    A few more avenues were explored in order to drive more traffic on Dove.com. One of them was surfacing recommended products depending on the weather forecast. Another one was about surfacing products depending on your holiday destination and then surface the full products pack for sale. The most innovative one was based on sustainability combined with social responsibility. The idea was to display Dove products dispensers in a retail environment. People could then fill a container of their preference and pay depending on the capacity of each container.

    Thank you.

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