E-commerce: hospitality

Creating a product strategy and roadmap for a well-known hospitality chain

E-commerce Case study 3/3, Reading time:10min
  • Enabling our client pursuing their digital transformation
  • Navigating through intricate & restrictive tech legacy
  • As a UX Lead, I:
  • Determined the product strategy and roadmap for our client (service blueprint / revised IA)
  • Lead the research & user testing
  • Designed medium fidelity and high fidelity wireframes based on user research and business needs
  • Our work empowered our client to have a clear vision of where they would like to be and help them path their way to success.

    We are currently developing ways to measure this success.


    Below is a summary of the key elements that have helped with enhancing their experience.

    1) Research

    Using mental models in order to empathise with our users and design a meaningful solution.

    2) Service blueprint

    Helping mapping the physical experience to translate it digitally.

    3) Mapping the existing IA

    The current IA presents several challenges for the numerous brands that are represented. Replatforming them is part of a CMS strategy to increase personalisation, customer acquisition, loyalty and retention.

    4) Revised and simplified IA

    Collaborating with a Content Strategist, we analysed, journeys, content and analytics in order to streamline the experience.

    5) Lo-fi wireframes

    After running a thorough content audit and a competitive analysis, I started designing new UIs with more relevant content.

    6) High fidelity wireframes, prototyping & implementing

    Designing the solution, after several weeks of discovery, research, workshops and ideation, nothing feels better than bringing the solution into life.

    Thank you.

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